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Monitor India? Why?
Posted on : 6:38:48 PM Monday, September 21, 2015

India is an emerging power hosting about 1.25 billion people. Its growth-path will have an impact not just on its own citizens, but the whole world. The ‘India Story’ will however need a very concerted effort by the Government and the society. It is believed that though Indians are very good planners but we are not so good in implementation of our plans. Where and why our plans fail in achieving their objectives often goes unnoticed and not effectively and meaningfully reviewed. This ‘Poor Monitoring, or the lack of it’ in itself has been the primary reason of our failures.

A large number of initiatives are lost because we do not monitor well, and hence fail to generate value. A number of initiative by administrators, which keep making headlines, degenerate over time in the absence of multi-level monitoring. It results in not only effort and financial losses but a more serious loss of hope, confidence and trust in our capacities, systems and leaders. India cannot afford these negativities in its growth path. Corruption also happens because the monitoring is not made an integral part of planning, implementation and even monitoring systems.


The monitoring vacuum needs to be dealt immediately. Monitoring of different sectors and areas as well as development of relevant monitoring technology and skills is the need of the hour.

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